I know that most fine doctors believe that the causes of obesity are too complicated and all the diets we know will not cause obesity to end, they can lose us weight for a while then we gain it all back. I like you to take a look at my idea regarding the reason we gain weight and how we can end obesity for good.

When we eat a meal, our brains use several sensors (or receptors) to know when we have eaten enough so it commands us to stop eating by giving us the feeling of fullness. The vagus nerve is used for the communication. The simplest and most important of these sensors is the one which measures how stretched our stomachs are, or in other words it measures the difference between the current size of the stomach and its size when it was empty. If the stomach was permanently enlarged, we must overeat before that sensor can trigger and the brain commands us to stop eating. So we overeat and gain weight.

Now what causes the stomach to get enlarged permanently and why this problem did not exist several decades ago? I think the reason is accumulation of gases inside the stomach which lasts 24 hours, day and night. What do we eat or drink nowadays which fills our stomachs with extra gases:

1. Soda and it doesn't matter if it was diet or regular. Soda consumption has been growing steadily over the past 70 years.

2. Flour products. Crackers, chips, cookies, cakes. These products which cause plenty of gases are no longer baked at homes, they are made in large quantities at factories and distributed in super markets and in vending machines which are available wherever you go. Rice causes much less gases and this may be why people of the far east are slimmer.


Our bodies protect our internal organs by building fat shields around them. This explains why when our stomachs grow in size, our bodies find it necessary to increase the size of the fat shields protecting the stomachs.


1. If you are not obese now. reduce your intake of sodas and flour products and take a gas pill before sleep daily.

2. If you are obese, you must reduce your stomach by surgery before doing the same. Don't try any diet since diets are painful and useless. If your stomach has been permanently enlarged, you must gain your weight back after any diet unless you can stand suffering of hunger pain for the rest of your life!

If the surgery cost or number of days to stay at hospital worries you, try the "Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy". It costs near $10,000 and keeps you at hospital for a day or two (You need to check these numbers and all advantages and disadvantages of this surgery with your surgeon before deciding upon it.)

After the surgery, you must keep gases accumulation into your stomach under control. If you don't, you may need to do the surgery more than once in your lifetime.

3. Additionally, you need to make sure that you are not suffering of "thyroid deficiency" which means that your thyroid glands don't produce enough thyroxine hormone which is necessary for the proper digestion of food. Your doctor can check that with a simple blood test. If you have this deficiency, he will prescribe "levothyroxine" for you to correct this problem.

4. Forget about counting calories. Your body knows very well how much energy you get from each type of food you eat and it knows how to regulate your weight regardless to what you eat. However, if you eat a new type of food which has not been available at the time of our ancestors, your body's weight regulation ability may be affected.

Your body has additional sensors which tell the brain how much you have eaten of each type of food. Normally nothing goes wrong with all these sensors in your lifetime. The stretch receptors are the only ones you should worry about.

5. Taking the necessary daily multivitamin and mineral supplements and doing a moderate and sustainable daily exercises are also recommended. Avoid doing hard exercises while your body is rapidly losing weight.

To see where the stretch receptors are located click here

To see how the stomach looks after the "Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy" surgery is performed click here


1. No Beans. Get protein from meats. All meats are fine. Red meat, poultry and sea food are all fine. Fried eggs or omelets cooked in "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" are fine. If you must eat cereal in the morning, select the one with more nuts and less grain.

2. No Sodas (Carbonated Drinks) unless gas is removed from them. Coffee, tea and most fruit juices are fine.

3. No wheat, corn or potatoes. No breaded food. Gluten free wheat, almond flour, oat and rice are fine.

4. Reduce onions, green peppers and garlic. Green onions and black peppers are fine.

5 For your salad: Lettuce, tomatoes, beets, carrots, olives and cucumbers are fine. Use "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" for dressing. If you don't like it, just don't put too much of your favorite dressing on your salad.

6. Reduce intake of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, green beans or peas. Spinach, zucchini, eggplant, aspragus, ginger, celery and okra are fine.

7. Reduce milk, cheese and butter or replace with Lactose free milk or Almond & Coconut milk. Hard aged cheese like Swiss, parmesan or cheddar are better than soft cheese. Milk cream is better than regular milk. Extra-virgin olive oil is better than butter and all other cooking oils.

8. No Beer. High alcohol content liquors are not good for your health but they don't cause excessive gas problem.

9. Reduce intake of apples, mangoes and Pears. Banana, Grapes, berries, cherries, peaches, apricots, oranges, mandarins and Cantaloupes are fine.

10. Nuts are not very good. Almonds and peanuts are better than pistachios and cashews.

11. Reduce intake of extra sweet foods like caramel and candy. Mildly sweetened foods are better.

12. You may also take "Bye Bye Bloat, Digestive Enzymes" capsules before bed daily. It's available without prescription at many places, one of them is


You must enjoy life in full. You must eat all the tasty food nature made for you. All we want you to do, is to try to develop a taste for the food that generates less gases. Thank you and let us make America the beautiful show up again!